Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs


"If anyone thirsts..." (John 7.37)

Q & A

Over the years people have written us with questions about these songs.  If you have questions, maybe you'll find an answer below.  If not, please feel free to send email.

  • If I contact you, will I be placed on a [yet another!] mailing list?
    • No.  Your email address and postal address will never be used for spam or sold to a commercial spamming company.  That's not what is taking place here.  All we are doing is offering YOU music.  Period.
  • Why are you doing this?
    • I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus. Jesus Christ changed me and I love Him as my Lord and Savior and God.  When He made me, for some reason He constructed me with a persistent desire to sing and make music BACK TO HIM.  I honestly don't understand it all, but I do find this type of activity in Scripture so I think it must be normal to sing and make melody to God and share it with others.  David seemed to do it all his life.  :-)
    • If I remember correctly, I have a bad memory.  Music, it turns out, helps me remember Scripture and other noble meditations TOWARD and ABOUT HIM.
  • Why do you distribute music that is not professionally produced?
    • There was a time when I thought I should become a professional musician (i.e. make music for others to hear and live off of the people who heard me).  But many years ago after struggling passionately in prayer about it, I felt compelled by God NOT to seek professionalism or technical perfection, but rather to seek spiritual perfection and sincerity... genuineness of faith.  After much soul searching, I realized that my heart had been seeking and obsessing in the wrong direction concerning music, and I was attempting to start in the wrong place.  I mistakenly thought I should emulate and sound like the "music heroes" that I had before I came to know Jesus and His ways.  God convinced me that He delights in sincerity in spirit and "truth in the inward parts" FIRST.  "Professionalism" and "technical perfection" are not important to God and do not accomplish His long term goals. Some of the most talented people in the world are not effective for Christ because they are not connected to Him.  And yet some who cannot even "carry a tune" CAN please God in their singing because their heart is true before God, jealous for Him.  How can that be?  There is an amazing Scripture that says, "For the thing highly prized among men is a hateful thing before God" (Luke 16.15).  So while there is nothing inherently wrong with technical excellence (singing, playing an instrument), that is not what pleases God, and that is certainly not the place to begin!  Sincerity pleases God.  It is a rare and beautiful thing to find one of God's Songbirds (so to speak) who sings/plays with awesome technical excellence, but who tunes out all "comparison to others", is willing to associate (sing/play) with others who have "lesser" degrees of technical excellence, and cares only that in the face of God there is joy at the sound of a true and humble spirit ... regardless of how well "natural ability" can honk.  :-)  [Keith Green comes to mind.]
    • By the way, the audio CDs that we sometimes ship to people are plain old consumer CDs that we burn ourselves with a hand written CD label.  Our message is not the CD or the packaging.  :-)  For him who has ears to hear...
  • Who are you?
    • Honestly, I am nobody.  I am just a follower of Jesus Christ; a brother among brothers.  I am like a dead pixel on a very high resolution monitor.  I was dead and have been made alive through the death, burial, and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.  The Scripture says that I am dead and my life is hidden with Christ in God.  So while you could sit in the room with me and see and hear me, most of who/what I am is hidden from natural senses.  This holds true for all New Creatures in Christ Jesus.  Like a great iceberg, the world can only see a tiny outline "floating on the surface".  The rest goes into unseen depths.  These songs are evidence of what I am in another place deeply hidden with Christ in God.  Which is something God accomplished; not me.  I have accomplished nothing; He has accomplished everything.
    • As a small boy, I encountered the power of the Holy Spirit of God while calling on the Name of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit changed me into a New Creature in Christ Jesus and changed how I think and what I desire and expect.  I feel humbled that He would take the time to consider me after the arrogant, prideful, and hateful way in which I once regarded Him.  Yet "he who is forgiven much loves much".  Each day I look to Him, pray in the Spirit, and rejoice in His marvelous purposes unfolding in the earth in spite of wicked men and Satan's schemes.  I know that Jesus will have that last say in all the world.  (~Rev 1.8)  For I know that my Redeemer lives!  He is Lord of all.
    • Here is a document describing a little bit about my life and how I personally began experiencing Jesus (pdf).
  • What do you believe?
    • Here is a PDF document that outlines what I believe:  What I Believe (pdf)
  • Why don't you charge money?
    • Well, I guess there are a few reasons.  I'll be brief....
      • I paid nothing for it, so I don't know how I could charge for it.  I sense that this music is as much a gift and blessing to me as it may be for others.  I don't feel that I "own" this music.  Apart from Jesus I would not have even thought to create any of this.  It all belongs to Him.
      • Jesus never bought or sold the work that the Father gave Him to do.  I think this is part of the work that my Father wants me to do.  It is not mine to sell.  Nor is He selling it.
      • I sense God is sending a message to those with ears to hear in the "music industry".  There is another way.  A better way.
      • God has given me a job and met the needs of my family.  We are content with what He has provided.  We do not lack.
  • Why don't you accept donations?
    • I want to offer what God has given at no cost to anyone.  The idea of "donations" and "whatever you can afford" is HIGHLY ABUSED among "religious" folk.  In your heart you may have sensed, as I do, that these concepts are mainly a cloak for a "fee" and rationalized as "a way to do more for God".  The message of God for this hurting and dying world is not for sale.  He gave His Good News at a great sacrificial cost to Himself through direct personal engagement.  Should we be doing something differently than He did?
    • In terms of giving me money, I wouldn't know what to do with the money.  By the precious grace of God I have a job and am able to afford this web site and all the back-end costs associated with producing and distributing this music, such as it is.  And at the moment my family is not in need of anyone else's money.  Though we are humbled by all the offers to send us money and the checks we have returned via the mail.
    • However, giving is a wonderful thing.  If people want to give, I would encourage them to become personally engaged in the giving of food and clothing, along with your own spiritual gifts, building face-to-face local relationships with those in need.  And if you are a musician, perhaps one day you can send me a link to your web site full of entirely free music and materials open to the global Internet where I can download music that glorifies Jesus and rejoice with you in the Holy Spirit, passing them along to all my friends.  That would seem like a fair trade and good fruit.  :-)
    • As strange as it may sound, money and music have no intrinsic relationship to each other.  Money does not need to come to mind whenever music comes to mind.  Things are all mixed up in this weird world.  "For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God." Luke 16.15
  • What denomination do you belong to?
    • I do not belong to a denomination or a non-denomination or an inter-denomination or XYZ-named church or anything like that.  I am a member of the body of Christ, the Church that He started 2000+ years ago.  I am one of the "called out ones" (ekklesia), a follower of Jesus Christ.  I do not forsake the gathering of ourselves together.  I fellowship with precious brothers and sisters in Christ, as God leads, in: homes, restaurants, workplaces, parks, and all physical locations where Christians can be found (it only takes two or three).  :-)  I love them all and count it a very high and solemn privilege to share our lives together in Christ Jesus as we journey through this world.  I submit to God and to one another out of reverence for Christ.  God Himself is my covering; my brothers sharpen me like iron sharpens iron.  My good friend Alan wrote a book about The Nature Of The Church (Hard Copy).  There are many who walk this way and see this pattern in the Scripture.
  • Can I meet with you in person?
    • I thank God that He has Personally touched you as you have listened to this music with a hungry and open heart!!!  That is all my hope and prayer for this music and web site: that God Himself will touch you.
    • Concerning face-to-face meetings, please indulge me as I speak on a very practical basis for a moment... As you know, the Internet is inhabited by very diverse people from all nations, backgrounds, viewpoints, convictions, purposes, agendas.  I have received thousands of emails from people around the world and I thank God for every one of them!  I have received much encouragement from reports of God's activity all over the globe. And I am so happy to know that I have encouraged others in some small way with these Scripture songs. However, practically speaking, it is impossible for me to form deep personal relationships with every person who contacts me.  For my part, I offer this music -- and my own spiritual vantage point -- in hopes that it will be a blessing to many around the world.  It is not my purpose or intention here to use the commodity Internet to enter into "cyber-relationships" or... seek out face-to-face meetings. 
    • Again, practically speaking... the Internet is a dangerous place because there is little or no accountability here.  Who am I really?  Who are you really? I know that it is wise for YOU and ME to be very careful about scheduling meetings with unknown people we meet on the Internet.  Not only for our own sake, but for the sake of our families, loved ones, friends, close associates.  (See: Internet Privacy Tips from the Federal Trade Commission)
    • I am just one man and apart from offering what God has placed in my heart, I feel I have few resources to offer others.  Honoring the Person of Jesus Christ Himself is my purpose here, and He is all I want for you.  Please go to Him and request time with Him.  He would love to fulfill such a request and is eager to come into your life.  I feel there is little I could offer you face-to-face.  In fact, I suspect you would likely be disappointed and/or offended by me.  Alas, Jesus alone can fill the deep and desperate hunger in our hearts.  HE must increase, while we must decrease.
    • For those concerned, I do have the privilege of fellowshipping with dear brothers and sisters in Jesus here where I live, and I do not lack in that respect.
    • And please let me re-iterate how thankful we are to hear from any and all who wish to send us email!!!  Please don't hesitate to send us email.  We will do our best to pray for you and reply.
  • What translation do you use in these songs?
    • I suspect, for most people, the core question they are asking is, "Does this music use the same translation that I use?" The answer is: maybe in some cases, but probably not in all cases. If we are looking for others who use the same translation we do, then we are going to quickly bunch together and bunch apart from each other based on language and word agreements and disagreements. I do not believe that is what God is doing in this world.  And that's why I don't specify translation names on these songs.  I encourage you to simply open your own Bible, in whatever translation you use, and look up the passages and let God speak to you through the written scriptures and through the Holy Spirit in song. Open your mouth and sing to God in whatever words and language you use.  Let your heart pour out in love for God.  Let God awaken His praises within you. Let Jesus arise and come forth into the physical world through you.  That is what God is doing.  If these songs offend because I have expressed my love and passion for God in words that do not match the words you would use, then forget about these songs and sing a new song to the Lord from the love and passion of your own heart.  Just don't be silent.
    • As far as I am concerned, I have studied many translations of Scripture, including referring to the original languages such as Hebrew or Greek, and the use of interlinear texts, though I am not fluent in Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, etc.
    • In case you're wondering, I do NOT believe there exists ONE ANOINTED ENGLISH TRANSLATION of Scripture.  I do not seek to hallow specific translations.  I do not seek to resist specific translations. I will not make an idol out of any book, translation or human language.
    • I do NOT engage in the idolatrous practice of "King James Onlyism."  If you feel that KJV is THE inerrant English translation, please take a look at information such as: KJV Onlyism
    • Please do not write me to vent poisonous suspicion and accusations about which translation(s) you hate and think I may be using.  That is pointless and fruitless for all.  Humble yourself and love the Truth more than your translation.  The living and active word of God is not an English translation.  When Jesus said, "Your word is truth," the English language did not yet exist, so clearly He was not talking about a book translated into English.  Do not hold to the arrogant assumption that English is God's chosen language to publish an inerrant book.  I am sorry to say that people have written me thus, in an inflammatory and suspicious spirit, and they have found that it stirs my spirit to a frank rebuke.  My goal with this web site is to point people to God, not a translation.
    • Having said all that, it is true that I am skeptical about translations, or specific rendering of words, that are blatantly contrary to truth as we know it from the full testimony of Scripture.  For example: The word "pride" should never be used to convey goodness.  We know from Scripture that "pride" is always and only evil in God's sight and that "God resists the proud."  Christians should take care how they use the words "pride" or "proud" and not easily give in to modern culture.  For example, I am not in favor of saying, "We are so proud of you."  Instead, we could say, "We are so delighted / happy / thrilled / amazed in / by you and what you have accomplished and/or the person you have become."  If a translation or verse renders the word PRIDE or PROUD as "a good thing that you should be doing," I would be skeptical with that translation and/or verse!
    • I believe that God has preserved HIS written message for us today and I have strong confidence in the validity, authenticity, and accuracy of the Scripture as God's message to us.  Use any and all of the major translations as long as they show that Jesus is God and that no man comes to Father God except by Jesus.  And of course, Jesus HIMSELF is the Personification and living and active Truth that God wants us to come to know, the fullness of the Godhead bodily.  Thank God for all the light He has spoken to men as a lamp for our feet in a dark age!!!  Both written and in the Person of His Son Jesus.  May we be less seekers of translation than seekers of the True and Living God Who Himself is Truth.  For there is One who is seeking worshipers who worship in spirit and in truth.  "And this is everlasting life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."  John 17.3  Know HIM.
  • Do you have sheet music?
    • No, unfortunately, I do not have sheet music.  While I do understand musical notation, I do not know it well enough to create sheet music.  As you can probably tell from the recordings, I play the guitar and keyboard by ear.  The coronet is the only instrument I have been "fluent" with, in terms of reading music, and that was many years ago.  Even though we have no sheet music, most of  the songs have been transcribed into electronic media (PDF documents) with words and guitar chords.  If you want to volunteer to create sheet music that can be distributed in PDF format, I would consider placing sheet music on this site.
  • How do I burn MP3 files to Audio CD?
    • First, you'll need to download some MP3 files to your local computer.
    • Then you'll need a program such as Windows Media Player or Nero Burning ROM to create an Audio CD. 
    • You can find step-by-step instructions from Microsoft for how to burn Audio CDs by clicking here
    • If you get stuck, ask just about any teenager.  :-)
  • What is the difference between a "Psalm" a "Hymn" and a "Spiritual Song"?
    • Psalm
      • "Middle English, from Old English, from Latin psalmus, from Greek psalmos, from psallein, to play the harp." (American Heritage Dictionary)
      • Ephesians 5.19 probably refers to actual Psalms from Scripture and/or any song accompanied by a stringed harp-like instrument.
      • Examples
        • All of the Psalms found in the middle of your bible. These were originally accompanied by harps, lutes, and various stringed instruments + other instruments such as percussion instruments.
        • Someone today puts music to a Psalm, such as the popular song, "Bless the Lord O my soul"
    • Hymn
      • "Middle English imne, from Old French ymne, from Latin hymnus, song of praise, from Greek humnos." (American Heritage Dictionary)
      • A song of praise for God. With or without any particular type of accompanying instrument.
      • Examples
        • Jesus sang a hymn with his disciples after the Passover meal on Thursday afternoon about 24 hours before he Himself become the Passover Lamb of God on Friday afternoon.
        • Paul and Silas sang a hymn (probably w/o instruments) in the prison just before the earthquake when their chains dropped off.
    • Spiritual
      • "Middle English, from Old French spirituel, from Latin spiritualis, of breathing, spiritual, from spiritus, breath." (American Heritage Dictionary)
      • Songs that come directly from the spiritual realm, inspired or "breathed" by the Holy Spirit, often spontaneous and in the moment of visitation by the Presence of God.
      • Examples
        • Paul said, "I will sing with my spirit"
        • Miriam's celebration
        • Saul spontaneously prophesied (in song?) with the prophets
        • Someone sitting next to you -- when 2 or 3 of you are gathered in Jesus' Name and waiting on God -- bursts out in a new song. I hope you have had this experience, it is wonderful. :-)

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom teaching and exhorting yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." Colossians 3.16


Note: This Music has been given freely and is only and ever to be given freely.  It may never be sold in whole or in part.  No part may be modified or combined into any other work that is sold to anyone for any purpose.  All that the Holy Spirit underwrites is freely given. whether salvation, encouragement, comfort, or fruits of the Spirit.  We must not re-package and re-sell what God has given freely to us for spiritual growth and maturity.