Selected Feedback - Thank you!
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Song

"If anyone thirsts..." (John 7.37)

What people are saying about Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Thank you all for your precious feedback!!!  Your kind words (listed and unlisted here) have encouraged me to continue making these meager recordings.  All for the glory of God! :-)

"Hello! There are no human words to describe how scripture songs minister to me over and over and over again. I never tire of them. I have been listening for many months now. They are the only songs that I listen to. So simple, so pure, so true and beautiful. The more that I listen the more meaningful they become to me. Thank you for freely sharing your gift to all who will partake."

"Thank you for the wonderful music on your Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs website. The music is such a blessing. I was also impressed that you do not charge or accept donations and that your goal is just to be a blessing and get the Word of God out. Thanks again. God bless."

"I came across your music through a website looking for a specific song we often sing in church "Prepare me to be a Sanctuary" without any luck. However, the blessing that occurred during my search was finding your music and noticing the way in which your music touched an area of my heart that very few have touched - I have read the same scriptures many times that you have put to music during my walk with the Lord and haven't had them touch me as deeply. My walk with the Lord God and The Holy Spirit has been richer than I ever imagined and I praise him and glorify him throughout all my days - at both work and home. I play Christian music often and find my secular music collection has extremely dwindled in number - I would very much like to add your Audio CD # 3 to my collection so that I can listen to the Word within the beauty of your gift of music."

"Dear Sir, I heard some of your music on the Internet. I have been looking for scripture music but am finding it difficult to find. I would download the music from the Internet but do not have a connection of my own. I use my friend's computer or go to the library for Internet access. I read that you would send your cds to anyone who wrote and asked. I have never heard of such a thing. Please send me whatever scripture you have that is set to music as I have been trying to memorize scripture and having it set to music really works for me. I really enjoyed what music I heard of yours."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the music you've shared on the MP3 site."

"Thank you for the cd. I finally had a chance to enjoy it on Weds. It is a
good cd carry you into the presence of the Lord in worship. Thank you."

"Bob, I finally had a chance to listen to the scripture CD you gave me.  It is soooo good."

"I received your CD last week. It is in my car and plays continuously as I drive to and from work and on errands."

"Bob, I'd love to share your music with my church friends and with my ... prayer group."

"Bob, I'm listening to the CD that you gave me. It is so peaceful and comforting. Thanks again for another batch of the CD's. I've given most of them away. Everyone has said that they really liked it too. In fact Pastor plays it while we are having our prayer time on Wednesday nights."

"Could you please send me a copy of Scripture Songs #3?  I have both of your previous CDs and have thoroughly enjoyed both of them."

"Bob, Imagine my surprise when I found a CD with you name on it in my office this p.m. I have listened to several of the tracks and will take it home tonight to play it completely at leisure on my computer or CD. I have known you for years, knew you as a Christian as well as a computer expert, but did not know of two of your other hidden talents: playing the guitar and singing. _____ recently told me in passing that you sang Christian songs, but nothing about your guitar playing. I am VERY impressed. with your abilities at both. It is wonderful that you are using your God-given talents for His purposes."

"What a lovely song 'Longing" is. I have played it at work and so I was not able to have it too loud. I work in a hospital at night) I would be interested to receive audio CD's of your 3 Scripture in songs releases."

"Lord, you are wonderful, and your Word endures forever.  Thank you that you have expressed your Word in and through my brother Bob, in songs that glorify you, and that draw others into your very presence."

"Greetings in the wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ from Poland.  I am so happy to have found your music, I like it very much, the voice is so soft, I really relax and meditate on the Word while listening to it. I also liked very much what you said about charging etc.  I have downloaded all I could find ..."

"Dear Brother! We greet You (myself and my house) in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ! We are very pleased because we had the opportunity to hear your songs that You sing for the Glory of our Lord. In today's world of music that we can call "Christian" there is small amount of accent of The Spirit of God as a "Dove which leads the Lamb". And that's why we lead our attention to your songs as those which express feelings similar to those which we lead to our Lord.  ... We wish You more success in praising The Lord."

"The CDs are awesome! The letter you enclosed in each was also very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this ministry. I would love to know about any other CDs you produce in the future. I use them in the afternoon / evenings mostly and play them for my children. Having the scripture alive in our home is such a peaceful, calming way to hopefully begin to hide the word in their little hearts. God Bless you and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful talent you have! Jesus is loving me through your music."

"Hello, I had intended to give a good, deep listen before I responded to the music you sent, but I was so pleased and impressed after my first taste of "Scripture Songs #1" that I just had to send you a note asap.  I know it's not your goal to go around pleasing and impressing people, except perhaps with the Gospel, but that's exactly what struck me; the depth and heartfelt writing and playing really conveyed the scriptures. I thought your melodies were accessible and "catchy" without being trite or predictable.  The music fits with the texts very very well.  And prolific!  You sent five full albums.  Wonderful! I am also moved with your approach to ministry financially.  I will treasure the music you sent much more than if I would have paid for it with money, knowing the Lord our God has called you to give of yourself in such a profound way.  At this point I must ask an embarrassing question:  Where did I hear of you?  I'm sure you must be on the internet somewhere, but I didn't write down where.  May Jesus bless you with His presence."

"Dear Robert, May the Lord bless you all the more as you continue in His service Thank you for allowing Him to use you in such wonderful ways! Love in Jesus"

"Bob - I would like to get one of your CD's - the one that has "Blessed is the Man" on it. I really love that song. It's so simple and true. I've actually learned the chords and can play it on the guitar now - sounds killer on a 12 string guitar. Your songs are so pure and inspirational and I like to listen to them when I'm feeling down."

"Hi, ... I was just listening to your music. It is wonderful, thank you so much for writing it and sharing it. I was wondering if I could get a copy of all three of your scripture song CD's, they are wonderful."

"These are very wonderful songs Bob. I've had some problems lately and your music is very relaxing and uplifting to listen to."

"Dear Christian friend: I have found some of your music on the internet, and would like to just encourage you to continue in this work. The Lord has blessed my heart with this exhorting music based on the scriptures. May His name be glorified through the talent He has given you... This gift He hath bestowed on you has carried me through some difficult times and lifted my spirit. "

"Robert, Thanks for putting the scripture to music. Your music is wonderful. It will never come back void."

"Dear Bob, I've had a chance to listen to some of your scripture songs. ... I am a pastor/worship leader and play soft fingerstyle guitar myself. ... Good solidly biblical music is so hard to find. Lord bless you real good!"

"Thanks, Bob, for sharing this. In my work with the websites I’ve learned a lot from the excellent folks represented there. One thing I learned from you was to give away the audio CD’s. (... Oracles of God also does this, but I realized that only after I saw you doing so.) Thanks for showing me a way to be blessed!"

"Hi brother Bob, I came across some of your songs... Hallelujah! Just wanted to let you know how much in Christ I received from your singing of John 15 about the vine."

"Last summer, both of my girls (in college) said they wanted to learn to play the guitar. (they never showed interest when they were staying at home) So I started teaching them. Shortly after they started, they each said they wanted Chord sheets of the songs they heard growing up Mom & Dad singing as they grew up. Many of those were Scripture songs. They liked the simplicity of them and the sound words (scripture). Even though they listen to other forms of Christian music, they were drawn to your simple sound and the guitar playing on your CDs. Thanks for inspiring my girls. Maybe you and Kathy be blessed in all you do."

"hi, i want some CDs ."

"Hello! I have been searching for Scripture to music and have downloaded the free songs that you have online."

"We would be very blessed if you would be willing to send us a CD of this wonderful music. I have only found your songs and one other that are what we have been looking for in Scripture to music. I have been playing those that I downloaded over and over today."

"I would be interested in your music CDs. I would actually like to trade some."

"Bob, I just received your CD's and was very excited to see that you have 4 of them available! Our family is enjoying them immensely. We had a stressful few days and we were able to unwind by listening to the songs on a 1 1/2 hour drive. We were with some friends today and they listened to a few songs and would also like to have a copy. Would you give me permission to make copies of your CD's for them?"

"hi, I was just writing to say that I came across your website one day, and that I
really enjoyed your songs! thanks for putting them on the web!"

"...nice lunch-time listening"

"We have a very slow phone line connection service so will wait to download the song until an evening sometime but I will look forward to it. May God richly bless your work on the Scripture Songs #4. May He give you his priorities and His timing. I know I have been blessed by the other CDs and have passed them along to bless others as well."

"i liked your commentary on scripture songs #3 quite beautiful and i know that very feeling that the very breath of life that breathes my every breath is of the holy spirit apart from him there is nothing but death but in the lord there is joyous eternal life and hope."

"I just wanted to write and let you know that I came across your web site doing a search for "Scripture Songs." I downloaded every song you had listed and put them on a CD so I could listen to them to and from work. All I can say is Thank You, Thank You for your talent and the beautiful way in which you put God's Word into song. I'm going to play the songs for the brothers and sisters in our Bible study group this Sunday. I know they will be as blessed as I am. I would like to get your offer of a CD with additional songs on it."

"I like your mp3s. ... I am from the Philippines."

"I played the song you sang on Psalms 121 last Sunday at out Bible Study after we had read the Psalm. Everyone was encouraged. Will continue to use and share them. Thanks so much. May God bless you and your talent for His glory. Thank you."

"Bob, Thanks for the encouragement from the song link you sent us. I pray God continues to ignite your heart with a passion for Him."

"Shalom, I really loved what I heard of your scripture songs collection. The music is so beautiful!! And the lyrics, they were pretty good as well :-) Would I still be able to get some of these on CD? It sure would be a blessing. Either way. Thank you for sharing your gift and may God bless you mightily."

"Hi Robert, Thank you for your Scripture Songs online – they are very helpful! My sister and I are going to memorize together with song and I was hoping that I might have copies of the first and second cds that you made. Please let me know how I can acquire them."

"Dear Bob, I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoy your music and your generous, giving spirit. I have played them over and over and over again and they have strengthened my soul through some tough personal times. It is amazing to me how sweet scripture music can just reach right into the very heart and encourage and build up the inner man (or woman)."

"Dear Bob, Absolutely beautiful and God glorifying music renditions of Scripture! Thank you for being such a blessing! I APPRECIATE YOU. If you can, send me all of your recordings--I know of a lot of people who don't know of your ministry and I always like to let God lead me to people to give away wonderful resources such as yours. I, also know of some other ministries on the net that would probably like to offer your cds--explain how you want that handled. Thank you again, God Bless you."

"Hi, I am thoroughly enjoying your music. I would love to receive a copy of SS#1 and SS#2 (The rest I downloaded from the internet). Thank you very much for sharing your music, it is blessing and I will definitely pass it along."

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate "You Are You". Today I have listened to it 10 !! times and probably will a few more times before night falls. There are so many issues in my life right now trying to drag me down, so I am depending more and more on the Lord and hearing His word really lifts me up."

"kindly send music cd [India]"

"would be happy if you would send me your free cd of scripture songs. I work with the Youth for Christ in [India] and I am sure they will be of help in the ministry."

"I ran across your web site and downloaded some of your music online. It was awesome. Sometimes it is hard to find quiet peaceful, biblically sound music. [Kuwait]"

"Hi, I feel so blessed to have come across your music on the internet. I am
writing to ask for a copy of your cd. How would I go about getting one? Is
it possible to get a couple, as I have a few friends who I know would really
like your music too."

"I would like to hear your music in order to memorize more scripture. Could I
have a copy of those you mention on the web? I am not able to download them
for some reason. ... I was happy to see the work you have done and look forward to listening!"

"I received your very generous gift of 5 CD's--they are much appreciated! I have a good amount of Christian music, but most all of it lacks the 'reverence' found in your music. I have a hard time sleeping, and plan on meditating on your Scripture music, during those sleepless nights. I will also be using it to sing along with during our home church meetings on Sunday mornings. It is wonderful to see a 'ministry' that is a true ministry--without any ulterior motives. Thanks again! Your fellow pilgrim to a world of glory!"

"I just wanted to let you know that the cd's arrived yesterday! Thank you so much!!! I can't tell you how much I really appreciate it! I think you are such an excellent witness to the Lord by being so generous and willing to give away your music for free. I really liked the verse you had from Matthew 10:8- Freely you have received, freely give. What a great verse and inspiration! I feel so blessed to have come across your website and your music. I am hoping with my brothers help to be able to make copies of your music and give them to friends and family members and hopefully some people at my church college group. I will let as many people as I can know about your website. May the Lord continue to bless you and your wife as you serve Him!!! Thanks again so much for not only the cd's but the excellent witness you are for the Lord!!!"

"After listening to some of the songs you have recorded, I have to say that the Lord has truly blessed you with teaching and edifying with music. I would love to have a cd to listen to other than on the computer. My computer is really slow so downloading all the songs individually would take days. I am going to have access to a burner soon, so I will definitely pass your music along and a link to your site. I thank the Lord for using you to spread the message. It is truly all about Him!"

"I listen your music (mp3). I like it. I feel more strong when I study with same music. Thank you for rimembered us: Freely received, freely given. We must remember that all things are of our Father who is in heaven. God bless you! Pardon for my english! I'm non a english speaker."

"I really appreciate your music, it is a wonderful thing that you would allow others to listen to it and download it."

"Thank you for sacrificing the offering of praise, for 2 days i have listened to your cd’s while cutting acres of grass with , (I can hardly hear the lawn mower with my earmuff headphones) people watching me must be wondering what I’m listening to with that big smile on my face and sometimes I forget not to sing along and catch a startled passerby with Saviour Of The World or Lord Jesus Christ still on my lips! The Lord Jesus Bless You!"

--- and many more ---

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom teaching and exhorting yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." Colossians 3.16


Note: This Music has been given freely and is only and ever to be given freely.  It may never be sold in whole or in part.  No part may be be modified or combined into any other work that is sold to anyone for any purpose for any amount.  All that the Holy Spirit underwrites is freely given. whether salvation, encouragement, comfort, or fruits of the Spirit.  We must not re-package and re-sell what God has given freely to us for spiritual growth and maturity.