Stuck In The House
A collection of songs recorded during the summer of 1985

(Links to all the MP3 songs from the original cassette tape are at the bottom of this page)

Dear Friend,

I don't know where to begin.  I am amazed to realize that "Stuck in the House" is now more than 25 years old.  The time has gone so quickly!  Coming back to these songs refreshes my spirit and takes me back to another “faith” and “glory” that I knew many years ago in my early walk with Jesus.  When I listen to these old songs, I hear the voice of a young man, 22 years old, singing from the depths of a newly re-born heart whose soul and mind are in the midst of renewal.  Sometimes it seems that the soul and mind are too dominant in these songs.  I have to admit that, in retrospect, I cringe a little to hear that now.  But to put it into perspective, I know that in my zeal I meant well as I was calling out to God with the limited resources I had at the time (knowledge, faith, love, discernment, musical skill, equipment, etc.).

I still remember those days, not yet having been exhorted by others to be aware of excessive emotions in my singing and in my general expression of love for Jesus.  I must confess that I was a well-spring of emotion at that age.  Controlling my emotions (i.e. self-control) was a difficult lesson to learn and I have tried to submit myself to that counsel over the years.  Even so, to this day I still become emotional about Jesus: Who He is and what He has done for me.  Jesus changed my life forever during the summer of 1985 and these songs seem to reflect the intensity of the changes that were beginning to take place in me.

I have been told that my newer music lacks some quality that is found in these old songs.  I am tempted to agree.  There is something very special and very wonderful about the days when God has just newly revealed Himself to us.  Those early and formative days create a lasting impression and are dear to us for life.  In these old songs I hear the newness of God in my life and the childlike freedom that I first knew by giving my life over to Jesus.  I knew then, as I know today, that Jesus can do anything whatsoever, and He demonstrated His love for me by taking away the weight of my sins and delivering me from powers of wickedness from which I had been unable to deliver myself.

At the time of these songs I didn't have all the right words to articulate the spiritual things I was discerning.  My understanding was limited, my mind was beginning to be renewed, and I was eager to know Jesus more and more.  Some of the songs have suspect theology and awkward wording, but I hope one can discern the good intentions, which I believe is how God received it at the time. 

God delights in His children at all stages of their growth, even ignorant little babes.  Perhaps “spiritual grown-ups” are sometimes too quick to require spiritual babes to grow up, forgetting that God delights in His little ones... even in their well intended blunders, like toddlers learning to speak and walk and imitate their Father.  He delights in His children and perhaps at times they make Him laugh, just as we laugh and delight in our children.  Nevertheless, the time must come when we mature and "grow up in all things", being rooted and grounded in love.

I will tell you that I am struggling with releasing these songs as they are very personal and I was in great transition at the time I recorded them. 

Even so, hearing them reminds me of the joy of innocently and richly interacting with the Holy Spirit of God on a daily basis which is the hallmark of His work in so many young lives the world over.  A hallmark which -- I can tell you now -- has continued faithfully throughout a lifetime of changes.

Some who may be new to “spiritual songs” such as these may wonder if I was under the influence of something as I made these recordings.  I can tell you that I was never "drunk" or "high" in any of the songs because, by the grace of God, drugs and alcohol have never played any role in any stage of my life.  How I thank God for sparing my life from the thralldom of drugs and alcohol!  Rather, I wrote and sang these songs as I was learning to be filled with (under the influence of) the Holy Spirit, recording them for my own ongoing edification and remembrance of God's manifest love and goodness to me.  Perhaps one could say they serve as "altars of remembrance" ... reminders of the wonder and awe of God revealing Himself to me.  In those early years I listened to these songs over and over, receiving refreshment from them as manna from above.  I even dared to give a few cassette tapes of Stuck In The House to friends who graciously and politely received them.

So... I apologize for the rough and formative nature of these musical manifestations.  For what they are worth, if you can endure them, below are the songs from the summer of 1985 called "Stuck In The House" named thus because I was literally stuck in the house that summer with no where to go and nothing to do but abandon my life to Jesus and wait and see what He would do.

Love in Jesus,

Robert Evans, January 2008